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What is the Connections program?
During our workshops we continually receive requests to create a program to help Certified Master Networkers connect with each other. So thanks to all of our Certified Master Networkers, the Connections program has arrived.

The program is simply this: We connect Certified Master Workers with other Certifed Master Networkers. Here is an example of how it works:

Let's say you have become a Master Networker and want to start a Networking Group in Woodbury, Minnesota. You will register for the "Connections" program when you attend an MNA Workshop. Then, when other Certified Master Networkers are looking for a group to join in Woodbury, they submit a Connections request at one of our workshop or through the form below. At that point we connect you with each other.

If you have not yet become a Certified Master Networker, but plan to do so, you can submit a request and we will still connect you with other business professionals looking to grow their Networking groups. This allows you to get started and be actively networking while you are waiting to attend a future workshop. However, be aware that the groups we connect you to will require you to become a Certified Master Networker in order to retain your industry postion within their group.

In an effort to provide a quality program to all of our clients, the Connections program is currently free to all Certified Master Networkers. This program is only available in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas of Minnesota. Once our program becomes national, we will offer this in all areas where the MNA offers workshops.


Helpful hints for submitting a request:

  • Industry: Some people have a business where they encompass several industries. For example, you may promote nutritional/weight loss products and organic cleaning products. You may list 2 industries in order of priority. Another example: Perhaps you have 2 businesses where you are a Real Estate Agent and you are in an MLM. List both, but only list 2 please.
  • Preferred City: Do not enter non-specifics such as "Minnesota or "St Paul" or "Minneapolis". Enter a specific suburb of St Paul or Minneapolis. Example: "Uptown area" or "Roseville". Second, think about where you're looking to join a group. Example: If you live in Woodbury, but your business is in Plymouth, and a networking group in Plymouth is easier for you to attend. Perhaps it works better with your schedule, then enter "Plymouth".
  • Start or Join: If you're looking to start a Networking Group, enter "Start". If you're looking to join a Networking Group, enter "Join".

Enter your information and click on the submit button


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Preferred City:  

Start or Join:  


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