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Convenience For You Program


In an effort to help small business owners and sales professionals with very busy schedules, we’re created the “Convenience For You” program. The Convenience For You program informs you when we schedule a workshop that is more compatible with your busy life.

It's easy! Just complete the form below, select the days & times that best fit your schedule and we'll notify you when a workshop becomes available. Select as little as one, or select them all if your schedule is very flexible. In either case you'll receive a notice when we schedule a workshop that fits any of the times you select (your contact information is not sold or provided to anyone else, nor will it be used to solicit you for other products/services)

Check your email regularly and look for an email with the subject "MNA Workshop Update"

Enter your information, make your selections, and click on the submit button


First & Last Name:  




Select your preferred Days:








Select your preferred start times (workshops are 4 hours)

Morning Times:

  8:00 am

  9:00 am

Afternoon Times:

  12:00 pm

  1:00 pm

Evening Times:

  4:00 pm

  5:00 pm










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