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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the format and what will I learn?

A: This is a workshop format, which means that you actively participate in the actual development of your B2B Networking Business. For instance, you will receive real examples of powerful personal brands, as well as work in group to develop all aspects of YOUR networking business. After completing the workshp, you will receive a certificate showing that you have become a "Certified Master Networker". With so many ineffective networking groups popping up all over the contry, most B2B networkers will only work with other certified networkers.


Q: Is this workshop for beginners or for novice networkers?

A: Both. Whether you have zero experience or years of experience as a B2B Networker, this workshop will benefit you. We take it right from the ground floor, all the way to refining the plan for experienced networkers.


Q: How do I register for a workshop?

A: Registering is very simple. Here are the exact steps to register.

  • Go to the registration page, enter the following information into the registration form. First & Last Name, Phone, Email, Payment Method, and the name of your networking group if you belong to one.
  • Submit your payment using the method you indicated on the registration form (see below for payment methods).
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration (be sure to check your junk/bulk folders if it does not show up in your email inbox).
  • We will also call you to confirm your regsitration.
  • We will then watch for your payment to arrive, and match up your payment with your registration.
  • We will call you to let you know your payment has been received.

Mailing address for payment submission: Carter Services, 21775 Ideal Avenue N, Forest Lake, MN 55025 (make checks & money orders to Carter Services).

Go here to register => Workshop Registration.


Q: Will my information be kept private?

A: Yes. We use your phone number and email to confirm your registration, and we will occassionally email you with new workshops as they become available. We do not sell or give your information to anyone else, nor do we solicit you to buy other products or services.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept personal checks, business checks, money orders, cashier checks, and payment through Paypal. On the "Thank You For Registering" page, there will be a link for Paypal payments. You can also find the link on the registration page. You will need a paypal account. Click here to go to the workshop page => Workshop Registration.


Q: Where are the workshops being held?

A: The locations for the current workshops are listed on the "Workshops" page. Workshops are scheduled at various locations around the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. I rotate the location around to north, south, east, and western suburbs. Click here to go to the workshop page => Workshop Registration.


Q: Do you offer "Private" workshops where only members of a specific networking group can attend?

A: Yes. If you have an existing networking group of 15 or more, we can plan a "Private" workshop where only your networking group will attend. If your group is 20 or more, you may also be eligible for a group discount.


Q: What is your policy if I register, pay, and then cannot attend?

There are two parts to this answer. Be sure to read both parts.

A: We understand that life happens, and situations arise in all our lives. As a valued client, we want to accommodate you as best we can. When we receive proper notice of cancellations, we can contact those on our waiting list and fill that workshop opening (see next answer as to why this is so important). If you registered and paid for a workshop, and you have a situation that prohibits you from attending, you MUST inform us ahead of time. If you inform us ahead of time, you have two options. 1) We will refund your money in full. 2) You can register for a future workshop and apply that payment to the new workshop.

A: NO SHOWS: Our workshops are limited to 20 people. This is done by design. The workshops are structured with activities that involve "Master Mind" brainstorming sessions. These sessions provide maximum benefit to the group when all 20 people attend. When people "No Show", this impacts the effectiveness of the workshop, and is not fair to those who do show up. Therefore, if you do not notify us that you will not be attending, and you are a "No Show", no refund or rescheduling will be provided.


Q: Can I pay at the door when I arrive at the workshop?

A: If there are still openings for a workshop and you have registered close to the workshop date, then you'll want to contact us to make arrangements to pay when you arrive. We don't want your check to still be in transit at the day of the workshop. To make arrangements to pay at the door, visit the "Contact Us" page. For all "Early Regisrtraion" submissions (when you qualify for the reduced workshop price), you will need to mail your payment or submit payment through Paypal prior to the workshop date.


Q: How long are the workshops?

A: The workshops are scheduled for 4 hours. We will take a 10 minute break in the middle of the session. In some instances, we have the facility booked for the entire day, and after the workshop is complete, many of the attendees will remain and continue masterminding and discussing key topics. When attendees decide to remain and mastermind, it is voluntary, free, and for the truely serious B2B Networker.


For Workshop Times & Registration, click here ⇒     TIMES & REGISTRATION









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